Let the green lungs of Europe breath!

Trees are essential for our life and are an important link between the past, present, and future. They temper the summer heat, help us take a deep breath and stabilize the climate. We should protect and care for them. Will you help with our mission so that the benefits of Europe's trees can be enjoyed by future generations?

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The European Tree of the Year contest highlights the importance of trees and has connected communities across Europe for 13 years already. Will you support our endeavour?
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Join the most popular environmental contest to enhance your CSR and achieve your environmental policy goals. Connect your brand with the successful European Tree of the Year contest.
Would you like to nominate your beloved tree to the contest and be a part of our Tree of the Year family?

Every year, the European Tree of the Year voting brings

people more aware of nature
local communities united by one cause
countries proud of their natural heritage